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Kinemac MAC

Mac Os
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Regular: $299.00

Kinemac is a 3D Real Time Animation Software for Mac OS X (Universal Binary for Mac-PowerPC and Mac-Intel)
Kinemac plays the animations in real time at full screen and export them to QuickTime movie files or to a series of single still images. For this reason it's the ideal application to create Advertising for TV, trailers for movies, video-clips, instant scrolling messaging to put "on air" in real time, video content for CD, DVD, web sites...

Take a look at our tutorials and see how easy to use Kinemac is. Just drag your images, text, movies and songs onto the Kinemac stage to get them into your animation. Also you can quickly call a menu and create 3D and 2D objects such as cubes, cylinders, spheres, tubes, pies, rectangles, disks... On any object you can apply image and movie textures and set the surfaces attributes such as color, transparency, reflection...

With Kinemac you will animate the objects on the stage by setting key frames. And managing key frames has never been easier as with Kinemac. You can create, modify, copy, paste and delete a single key frame or a group of key frames with the utmost freedom. Any key frame point is represented graphically by an icon on the time-line ruler view such a way you can drag and move it as it was just a TAB marker on a text ruler. See details later in this page

If you want to tune-up each single movement with more accuracy you can count on the powerful animation control system based on Bezier curves. Each movement (e.g. the rotation of the object along the vertical axis) is represented by a Bezier curve which you can edit acting on its control points. This way you can have a full control over the position, rotation, size, speed, acceleration... of any object

  • Objects
  • You can quickly create objects like cubes, cylinders, spheres, pies, cones, torus, tubes, rectangles, disks, strips and pipes... Furthermore you can extrude or revolve SVG files (made with Illustrator, e.g. your company 2D logo) and import 3D models saved as OBJ and 3DS. On the surfaces of any object you can apply image textures and movie textures, and set various attributes as color, transparency, reflection, specular and shininess affects. Importing files in Kinemac is as easy as dragging and dropping the files onto the Stage window
  • 2D Scrolling Text
  • You can quickly create 2D static or scrolling text using any kind of font, color, size, shadows, embedded images... Moreover, you can still animate the 2D text object in the 3D space at your wish, and get effects like flying texts, rotating texts... You can create and edit the 2D text object from scratch with the built–in RTFD text editor or drag and drop an RTF or RTFD file onto the stage window. Then you can set the direction and the speed of the scrolling, as well as the animation of the text object. Click here to know more about the 2D Text features
  • 3D Text
  • With Kinemac you can create and animate 3D text using any kind of font, color, size. You can set the tranparency and the reflection level of the surface of the object and create e.g. glass, plastic and metal effects. Also you can apply a texture image or a texture movie onto the surface of the object. Then, animate the 3D text at your wish. You can even resize it dinamically during the playback time. To know more about the 3D Text features please click here
  • Animated Charts
  • You can quickly create an animated Chart by dragging a ".txt" tab-text file. Kinemac automatically creates and animates a chart like the one shown in this movie. The 7 bars represent the rows of the table values. Kinemac will animate the bars, month by month, changing their hight, and showing the relative month label. You can set the bars to cubes, cilynders, tubes... You can apply any color, image texture or movie texture to the objects. You can show/hide/move/rearrange the labels in several ways. Also you can add text-counters labels to show the value of each bar, dynamically, with any kind of font, color, size, style and shadows
  • Sprites (Time Line)
  • Kinemac lets you control the timing of the objects through a Sprites console. Each object is represented by a sprite channel in a hierarchical table so you can establish the starting point and the duration of an object simply dragging and resizing its sprite along the channel. This way you can synchronize the movement of an object with another object and with the soundtrack(s). More, the hierarchical table lets you group and animate the objects either independently and toghether with their group. In addition, the Sprite console lets you create, delete and move the key frames as they were just "Tabs" on a Text Ruler. This system guarantees the utmost freedom at creating, deleting and moving key frames whenever you decide to speed up or slow down a given movement at a given time
  • Bezier (Animation Control)
  • A powerful animation control system based on Bezier curves allows you to carefully control any aspect of the movement such as translations, rotations, resizing, fading, speed, acceleration and deceleration of any object on the stage. The result is a professional and smooth animation which you can play in Real-Time/Full-Screen or export to a QuickTime movie file
  • Inspector Panel
  • The Inspector panel lets you define the attributes of the stage and the selected objects. It has several sub-panels you can select just clicking on the icons in the top line: Stage, Geometry, Textures, 3D Parameters, Scrolling Text, Lights and Scripts
  • Stage: on this panel you can set the size of the stage window, the background color and the background image or movie. Also you can set the master volume, the antialias level and the duration of the animation.
  • Geometry: on this panel (left picture here below) you can set the geometrical values of the selected objects, as positions, rotations, size...
  • Textures: on this panel (right picture here below) you can set the image textures and the movie textures to each face of the selected objects.
  • 3D Parameters: on this panel you can set several 3D attributes as the smoothness of the surfaces, the radius, invert normals, receive lights, wire frame...
  • Static Lights: on this panel you can set the static lights of the scene.
  • Alignment: on this panel you can align the selected objects in several ways.
  • Script: on this panel you can assign a script to the selected objects. For example, you can assign a pause or a loop between a couple of frames, or you can tell Safari to open a given link when the user hits a key or click the mouse.
  • Sprite Library: on this panel you can save animated sprites to a library then reuse them in other projects.
  • File Browser: on this panel you can browse your images, movies, text and any other file format Kinemac can import. Drag the selected files onto the Stage to import them into your animation
System Requirements
  • MacOSX 10.4.9 or higher
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